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Rolex Air-King 116900 Review Replica

Rolex Air-King 116900 Review Replica

Replica Rolex Air-King116900 is the key point for the brand to enter its professional watch field. It is impressed by the bold use of colors in the dial and the different dial layout. The controversial point of its dial is also its highlight, because there is heat so it is controversial. This unique design makes Replica rolex Air-King stand out among multiple fake watches. Today let us introduce this entry-level replica Rolex watch in detail.

We have always emphasized that replica Rolex’s concept of its own watch is to update and upgrade rather than revolutionary or overthrowing innovation. This is why Rolex has been in the forefront of high-end Swiss replica watches for so many years. It has really made its own concept. You may occasionally feel that this replica Rolex is different from the Rolex in your memory. This may be replica Rolex's bold breakthrough in the past. At least every breakthrough of Rolex has been praised by the industry and the public. We have also witnessed the success of replica Rolex many times, such as replica Submariner Bitter Water Ghost, Platinum replica Daytona, etc. These breakthrough designs have never let us down.

The replica Rolex Air-King introduced today is also a complete breakthrough. It is completely different from the Air-King that has been released in the past. Therefore, when it first appeared at the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show, it caused a sensational effect. The first time the public was shocked than expected.

Dial Replica

The biggest change made by replica Rolex Air-King is a redesign of the dial. The first is that the time scales on the dial use Arabic numerals. 3, 6, 9 also use extra-large black Arabic numerals, which makes these three digits particularly eye-catching, and the remaining time scales are expressed in minutes.
Secondly, the number of characters on the replica Rolex Air-King dial has been increased, and there are five lines of text, which are the green "Rolex" replica characters. Here we need to explain that the green "Rolex" characters and the Rolex yellow crown above it echo each other, causing color. The resonance of the above; the next line is the words of Oyster Perpetual Motion, and the old "Air-King" words adopted at 6 o'clock are nostalgic.
The hands in the dial are sometimes hand, minute, second, and hour hands in the shape of the white Mercedes-Benz logo with black borders to make it integral with the black chassis; the top of the white sword-shaped minute hand adds black to make it better with the chassis The green is integrated; the green super-long second hand is particularly eye-catching but unobtrusive.
The entire dial of the replica Rolex Air-King is unexpectedly harmonious, but the only drawback is that Rolex only adds luminous materials to the triangular hour markers at 12 o'clock, which may be less readable at night than other replica Rolex watches.

Replica Case

Compared with the old version of Air-King, the new version of replica Rolex Air-King has readjusted its dial size. The size of the old version of Air-King is 34mm, which is a relatively small size. Now the new version of Air-King is upgraded to 40mm. The size is basically the same as the current Rolex professional watch. And replica Air-King's case adopts a polished bezel, making the entire watch look extraordinarily smooth.

Replica Bracelet

Replica Rolex Air-King has a certain amount of weight, and it will have a certain texture when worn on the wrist. It is equipped with an impeccable Oyster bracelet, the small links are connected together to form a complete Oyster bracelet. And it is equipped with a foldable Oyster buckle with the word Rolex engraved on the buckle. The comfort level of this bracelet will only be known to those who have actually experienced it.

The development process of all things must be a process from not being accepted to being accepted or even happily accepted, as is Rolex Air-King. From the controversy that it caused when it was first unveiled to the praise it has been worn now, the public's evaluation of it is its best recognition. If you want to feel this unusual replica watch you can contact us. Our online store offers the best quality and complete range of replica watches. You can choose the replica watch that suits you best in our shop. Learn more information Replica Watches Store.

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