Official Faustus Promo Posters Have Landed!!!

We are very pleased to be able to launch right here first the official Faustus promo posters for the play!

Check them all out in their horrifying grotesque glory on our Kickstarter page and please do tell us which ones are your favourite characters!


Remember, you can still support our production by pledging your support before Wednesday, October 15th 2014 at 1:52 PM. As part of pledging your support, you can receive:

  • DVDs and digital downloads of the performance;
  • Tickets to a 'Kickstarter-only' performance of the show; and
  • Credit in the performance as our 'Executive Producer'!

Pledge your support now!


Faustus Kickstarter Update #3: About The Set Design

We're nearly half way there! Thank you so much to all our backers for your support.

Today we have a video update to share with you about the set design for Faustus. Here's Chrissey to tell you more about our ambitious plans and the inspiration behind them.

The set we're building forms an integral part of the way we tell the story. Far from a basic, static backdrop, the set will incorporate a changing look, UV fluorescent designs and flowing liquids to create a dynamic setting for Faustus' journey

Not only that, but we have to set up and pack down the set in only 30 minutes, so it will incorporate a number of clever design tricks to make assembly quick and easy.

Your pledges will help these plans reach their full potential, so please share this video to help us reach our target. Please also feel free to leave comments and share your opinions and feedback.

Faustus -- Kicktraq Mini

Back Faustus on Kickstarter


Faustus Kickstarter Update #1: Sponsor A Stage Flat!

A massive welcome to all our backers and supporters from David, Kate, Serena, Natalie, Craig, Maddi, James and me, Chrissey.

It’s day five of our appeal and the reaction has been incredible! To everyone who has backed, thank you so much for your generosity and support.

All of us here at I’ll Be Right Back have updates to share over the coming weeks. My role in the production is set design and next week I’ll be doing a video update to explain more about the set we’re creating and how we’re doing it. But, right now, I’m going to start off our exciting programme of updates by bringing you a unique (probably) opportunity for six lucky backers to SPONSOR A STAGE FLAT!!

Five of our six stage flats under construction

Above you can see five of our six stage flats for Faustus (incomplete, obviously). Each one will cost around £25 to complete, which is, incidentally, the same value as our DVD and merch reward on Kickstarter.

Just like those adopt a tiger ads you see on TV, you can adopt a stage flat. Sponsor its journey from humble paste table (yes, you heard that right) to theatre backdrop.

The next six people to pledge £25 or more and message us with "sponsor a flat" or “adopt a flat” can name one of the flats and receive periodic updates about their flat, including pictures. This isn't an alternative reward; you can still select from our list of existing rewards.

You can back Faustus on Kickstarter by visiting

Faustus -- Kicktraq Mini

Sorry, this isn't open to anyone who has already backed. However if you can convince a friend to back, maybe they will share their flat with you.

Thank you again for your continuing support!

Chrissey Harrison
Set designer

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